Frequently Asked Questions

Secure International Capital is a financial institution that provides banking services via our Digital Bank platform.  All of your transactions can conveniently be completed online.  This means that the technology platform that we operate on, the CORE system, is actually connected to our bank partners.  Our bank partners include banks such as Chase, Patriot Bank, TD Bank.  As a customer, your interactions and account access are exclusively provided through our platform.  Using this platform, Customers can deposit funds via wire, ACH, check cash with proper Identification.  Using our website, you can gain knowledge, manage your assets and finances, pay bills, and more.  Customer service is conveniently made available online.  If you need a person, just let us know and we will connect with you live.

You can make a deposit via Wire, ACH, Cash deposit via Visa Ready link, check, credit or debit card.

Yes, simply fill out the direct deposit form here.

Depositing Using Visa Ready link is Between $4.95-$6.95 depending on which location that you use.  Inbound ACH and Wire are free.  Deposits using debit cards and credit cards carry service fees up to 3%.

$20,000/day domestic account holders and $100,000 for non domestic account holders.  Exceptions can be made.




You only need to use the card for point of sale transactions and your initial card setup online.

Yes, all accounts are FDIC insured and SIC does not retain, ask for, or store any private key related data.